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Postmatic – Easy Commenting For Your Blog


This blog post is directed to all my newsletter subscribers (because I have a give-away for you – keep reading). I think most of you know I use WordPress as my CMS (content management system). Probably most of you do too, if you blog or have a website.

Postmatic is a WordPress plugin I just heard about via the WPTavern Podcast.

When you receive this post in your email, you’ll be able to comment on it right from your email, simply reply to it. No account to set up, no forms, no going to my website to make a comment, just hit reply from your own inbox and we can start a conversation!

Another great thing about Postmatic is that you’ll be able to participate in a conversation thread – so you can respond back to others, not just me – very social!

Since we’re all in our inboxes all day long (I am, aren’t you?), I wanted to try this commenting system out. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free. I’m currently using the free version, there is a Pro version and you can read about that at their website.



Give-Away & Contest for Newsletter Readers

To encourage you to comment, I have a give-away for one lucky commenter to this week’s blog article. It’s a book called, “Small Town Rules”, by Becky McCray and Barry J. Moltz. I know Becky – she lives in a very small town in southern Oklahoma and has asmall town rules-becky mccray cattle ranch and store she runs with her husband. She’s an accomplished speaker and writer. I’ve heard her speak multiple times around Oklahoma and Kansas.

I liked this book because she gave me information on using the resources I have, the importance of managing my time, ideas for using social media to promote my brand, developing and promoting community – both on and offline. Of course, there’s much more.

So here are the rules:

  • You have to be on my email list (a newsletter subscriber). If you are a new reader and want to subscribe, please click here and give me your email address (box at the top of the screen).
  • Your comment must be about 2 things: 1. Do you think this plugin/commenting system is easy to use; and 2. Give me an idea for a newsletter or blog topic.

There, that’s it – simple rules, simple contest. I will randomly choose the lucky winner from all the comments I get on October 6th and publish the name in next week’s blog! (If you choose to not have your name published, I’ll certainly respect your privacy.) I hope you’ll respond. I especially would like to hear about what you are wanting help with or more information on.


2 thoughts on “Postmatic – Easy Commenting For Your Blog”

  1. Hello. I just wanted to share my pitiful pattern of reading your blog. Last one I looked at was 6/16/2015. I Read the current one because it’s about clutter. (Which I think is a Junk file with intelligence, will they do away with Junk?) Then, I scrolled through your list of topics I missed between end of June and today. The Postmatic was curious so I opened it. Saving for later – I’m VERY interested in the Sling TV review (I own an old Slingbox) and anything about Android. I thought it might be helpful to you to know how I handle some of my favorite RSS feeds. It’s not a weekly read or, as you can see, or even a monthly read all the time. It’s hit and miss. Sorry I missed the book, it does sound intriguing. Kind regards, Denise

    1. Denise,
      Thanks for your comments on how you read the blog. I had a slingbox too, but really didn’t use it much, but like the technology. We’ve had our slingtv now for over a month. It works pretty well. I wonder if I’m too impatient when pushing the buttons to start up ESPN or move to ESPN2. I find when I watch the other channels (not as often), I have no trouble at all. The really nice feature is you only have a $20 investment because it’s month to month. As I mentioned, we did a 3-month package and got a free Roku streaming stick (a $40 value), so it’s not a bad investment.

      Thanks for being a reader – I appreciate it!

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