Outlook Tips – Customizing Views and Message Folder Count

I use Outlook 2007 and really like the upgraded look and what it can do for me. It can be a powerful allay in getting and keeping me organized. I have a huge book on my desk I refer to called, “Outlook 2007 Inside Out” by Jim Boyce, Beth Sheresh & Doug Sheresh. It seems a week doesn’t go by that I need to refer to it because a client has an outlook issue going on.

Most of us are comfortable with the default layout of Outlook, but there are many customizable views you can set up. For example, I have mine set up with no auto-preview, but I have a a right-side autopane view turned on. So when I’m at my in-box and have my curser on a message, I can view it on the right side. This is but one way to customize your view. Play around with it – here’s how to do it:

Go to View>current view>define views. A table will open and from there you can click and customize how your message will appear. To dig deeper in this menu path, click on the ‘modify’ button and then ‘other settings’ – from there you can set the font size for viewing your emails (make it easy on your eyes!). There are options for the reading pane, auto-preview, setting column widths, etc.

If you need to make a quick setting adjustment –say you want to quickly see all the messages you haven’t read do this: View>current view>unread messages. Other choices from here include:


Last 7 days

Sent to

Message timeline (this puts all your message horizontally by date – looks impressive!)

Define views – more customization features here!

How many emails do I have in this folder?


Do you want to know how many emails are contained in each of your folders? Here’s how to do it:

Right-click on the folder and go to properties. You’ll see two radio buttons – one choice is to show the number of all items in the folder. The other is to show unread items in the folder. Select one and then you will see a number next to each folder you do this to. From this screen, you can also check on folder size –you don’t want them getting too bloated.

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