Organize Your Photos and Give Them Meaningful Names

How many of us have folders of photos on our hard drives with cryptic letters and numbers that mean nothing to us!

The Windows XP OS has a nifty little tool in it that will help you rename batches of your pictures. It does it folder by folder. So first…

1. Open a folder of images you want to rename. Highlight all the images in the folder by selecting Edit and Select All from the menu bar.

2. Right click the first photo in the folder and select Rename.

3. Enter a name that can describe every image in the folder. For example: Tracey’s_recital_2007.jpg. Be sure to add the file type (.jpg is the most widely used for images).

4. Windows XP will then automatically rename all the files in the folder and will number them in order.

This system is good to use if your pictures for one event are stored all in one folder.

Of course, you can then go back at some point and give some of your favs a more distinctive name.

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