OneDrive for Business SlideShare

This week I’m sharing a OneDrive for Business SlideShare presentation from John White, MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional), on the history of OneDrive for Business and where we are today with it. He is a CTO and has a Master’s in Engineering. This OneDrive SlideShare was published in June, 2016.

I found this while looking through LinkedIn and thought it was one of the best on the site and wanted to share it here.

He goes into detail about the history of OneDrive and the many iterations and changes that have brought us to today (September, 2016). He shows some of the confusing aspects of ODFB and SharePoint sync engines, how to tell if you’re looking at the Groove sync engine or the Next Gen sync engine.

There’s a nice comparison chart of cost and features of OneDrive for Business compared with Dropbox, Amazon and Google. He takes a look at the different Office 365 plans, the cost and what you get with each.

price comparison of onedrive for business vs. google drive vs. dropbox vs. amazon

Is OneDrive for Business suitable as a backup system? He addresses that too.

Overall, it’s a quick way to flip through the slides and see where OneDrive was and where it’s going. We’re all still waiting for the updated sync client that will hopefully eliminate a lot of the confusion.
[slideshare id=62787925&doc=onedrivetwodrive-160606221640]

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