Office 365 Calendars-How To Create-Share-Use

If you’re an Office 365 user, have you investigated calendars and sharing O365 calendars yet? I’ve been digging deep into calendars the past few weeks and have office 365 logolearned quite a bit. For the next three weeks, we’re going to look at three different calendar types for sharing. This focus will be on how to share calendars within your tenant/organization. I’ll do a video on each one where I’ll walk you through how to set each up, their purposes and how to use sharing.


The Three Office 365 Calendar Types for Sharing


  1. Group Calendars – Groups are included in every Office 365 Plan (at least the Small Business, which is what I deal with).
  2. SharePoint Calendar – This is an app, or web part that must be installed from the web and then can be used in conjunction with Team Sites.
  3. Sharing Calendar built/started by someone in your tenant/organization.

If there are others, let me know as I haven’t found them yet.

Office 365 Group Calendars

Group calendar, email, files and notebooks are promoted by Office 365 for managing projects within a company. A new group is easily created in the web Office 365 and then invitations to other members sent from the web. When we get more in-depth, we’ll discuss where groups are best used and the pros and cons of using groups for your company group calendar.

office 365 group calendar
Office 365 Group Calendar

Office 365 SharePoint Calendar

This calendar is created from the web and from within SharePoint. This type of calendar is best for organizations using SharePoint from the web versus the desktop. We’ll look at how to create a SharePoint calendar, how to share it and how to place it within your SharePoint site where it’s easily seen and used. This type of calendar involves installing an app and then configuring it.

office 365 Sharepoint calendar
Office 365 SharePoint calendar

Office 365 Shared Calendar

This calendar is created from the web from the Calendar Web App. This type of calendar is owned by whoever makes it and can be shared with people in your organization. Since this type of calendar is created by someone from the organization, if that person ever leaves, the calendar will be gone when/if their email license is deleted.

office 365 shared calendar
Office 365 Shared Calendar

This is a brief introduction to the three types of calendars. I’ll be making a video of each type of Office 365 calendar. We’ll look at the purposes of each and how to set them up and share them. We’ll look at which calendar is best for viewing on your mobile devices (Windows, Android or iPhone) as this could impact your calendar choice.

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