My Experience Installing O365 Home Premium

 Guest blogging this week is my daughter, Tracey. I asked her to write about her open ‘box’ installation experience of Office 365 Home Premium. When I tried an install, my experience was just the opposite, but that’s for another time.


Hi everyone and thanks to mom for inviting me to write a review on the new Office 2013. The first thing I did was open the email that mom sent me with the link so I could start the download. Once signed in, I could choose office for Windows or Mac. Then I clicked install and a window popped up and I had it ‘Save File’.

office 365 installoffice 365 installoffice 365 installoffice 365

Next, I opened the file and clicked ‘Run’ and the orange box with the Office logo will came up. After it finished loading up, I must say that I felt a little giddy! As it was getting set up, I got to watch a little video and then a slide show popped up during installation to tell a little bit about the new things of Office 2013. In my opinion, the neatest thing was that I could put a document in the Cloud and can have a friend go and look at it and make comments on it and they aren’t required to have Office to view it! Now I can upload precious photos and share with my family in different states without them having problems viewing the pictures. Installation did not take very much time and I was able to sign in with my own Microsoft account. office 365office 365 install

You’ll get to choose a little design that shows up in the top right of any Office operation, including Outlook! I use my Outlook the most as I get Facebook notifications, all of my “recipe of the day” emails, knitting newsletters and any work emails from mom. I decided that I should get my email set up first. I closed my 2007 version, went to start and found the new Outlook. I needed to add my O365 Outlookaccount to this Outlook and found the tab at the top to add an account. O365 Outlook

It was simple and extremely fast to have all of my emails transferred to the new Outlook, easily done within five minutes with just my live email address. With that already done, I decided to open up Word. There are so many page options to choose from when starting a new document, I was blown away. I guess a part of me still thinks of Word documents being a blank page to write essays and reports on for school.

Word backstage

I look forward to exploring the rest of what Office 2013 has to offer; I know my husband is excited about getting an Xbox Gold subscription! Thanks for reading my little review.

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