windows phone vs. galaxy s5

Microsoft Goes Android

If you’ve been paying attention to Microsoft the last year or so, you may have noticed that their focus is on Mobile and Cloud and making things readily available to consumers. Microsoft has kind of gone Android. In my opinion, they are focusing so much on other platforms (Android & Apple), that they have been putting Windows Phone users on the sidelines as far as updates and enhancements to our apps. They’ve gained some creds and cache with folks because:

Quite a few Windows aficionados are a bit upset – we’re feeling ignored and passed over for our dedication to being part of the 2-3% of Windows Phone users in the US. On the other hand, can you blame Microsoft for being attentive to Android phones and their dominant marketshare around the world? I’m not real happy with them – to the point I’ve been looking at Android phones. I’ve had Windows phones for the last 3-4 years. Since there’s no flagship device right now, I’m using the Lumia 635 – a 4.5” device that was $99 and now sells for less. I’ve been experiencing dropped calls – A LOT – even when sitting next to my router – where I’m on Wi-Fi. I thought it was my carrier (T-Mobile), so I’m experimenting and put my phone on the ATT network and experienced a dropped call again. I’m convinced it’s the phone and that’s why I’m thinking of trying out Android.

Where Are All the Apps?

There are a good number of apps on the Windows platform, however, it could be much better. There’s not even one for Pinterest yet and my Instagram app still has the Beta label on it! Another sparse area for Windows is their banking apps – I’m not able to find banking apps for some regional banks here in the OKC area, but they are on Android!

Yes, I’ve heard there are quite a few rogue apps on Android, but I am not a game player or one to download the stupid-type apps (i.e. apps that make bodily noises), so I’m not too worried about that. There are more and more ways coming to keep your smart phone safe and clean.

Samsung Galaxy S5

My daughter and son-in-law have this phone and the screen and resolution are really great. So I was looking on Craigslist and found a 3-day old S5 that someone was selling for a really good price – so I got it. It’s one made for the Verizon network, so I’ll be switching over to Straight Talk – the low cost version of Verizon. I’m going to use up my 30 days I purchased with my ATT low cost (GoPhone) before I switch. That’ll give me time to add all my accounts and get this new phone personalized.

Here they are side by side – tell me – which screen is better? I’ll be updating you all on my Android experience – never have had Android and I don’t use any more Google services than I have to, so this will be interesting! If you’ve switched brands, leave  a comment about your experience!

windows phone vs. galaxy s5
Checking out the Galaxy S5 after using Windows Phones for 3-4 years.
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