Microsoft Excel Ribbon & Keyboard Shortcuts

This article lists a lot of common shortcuts for Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2010. It also show how toperson at a computer get some ribbon help. This is actually pretty cool. There’ve been a lot of complaints when Microsoft Office went to ‘the ribbon’. People complained they didn’t know how to get to any of the commands they’d been using for years.

Understanding the Ribbon

Even though the Office ribbon has been around for a while, this little trick might help you and keep your hands on the keyboard instead of having to use the mouse. Some folks will spend a lot of time memorizing shortcuts, but with this tip, you really won’t have to.

While you’re in an Office application (like Excel), push the Alt key. You’ll then see letters pop up right under each ribbon command. If you then hit the ‘N’ key, a new screen will pop up with all of the choices under the ‘Insert’ Command and those will have letters under them too. You could build a spreadsheet without touching the mouse (with these and other commands). So just remember the ‘Alt’ key to help you out with any ribbon cues.


Resources for Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re interested in Excel keyboard shortcuts, I have some great resources gathered here for you. The three links below were compiled by writer, Turi Henderson. They are pdfs that you can download or print out and they are grouped by which key is used first (for example, the Ctrl key). I don’t know if that is best or not, but that’s how they’re gathered. Most are 2 pages long.

Keyboard shortcuts – Ctrl keys

Keyboard shortcuts – Function keys

Keyboard shortcuts – Miscellaneous

This guide, from Tom’s guide, contains a lot of formatting keyboard commands,news-18040.html

These tips and resources are pretty comprehensive (for excel). I hope you will find them helpful.

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