Make a YouTube Video From PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 has some really great new features. Did you know you can save your PowerPoint as a movie and upload it to YouTube? Then it’s ready to share in a multitude of ways – on Facebook, Twitter, your website (like right here). Send the link to your new video and don’t clog up anyone’s email box!

This week, I decided to make a video showing you exactly how to do this. The part I couldn’t show was the actual uploading of my ppt file to YouTube. So I’ll explain that.

But first, here’s the video showing you how to insert pictures, audio and set up your transitions so your movie will run automatically within YouTube:

Next, I want to show the final result of the actual PowerPoint movie I made, so here’s the movie that I’ve embedded with the YouTube embed code so conveniently provided right below where your  YouTube video plays:

Nice result, isn’t it? You only need to have a little knowledge of PowerPoint to do this yourself.

Upload Your PowerPoint Video (wmv) file to YouTube

To do this, log into your YouTube account and click on your upload button and navigate to where your video is being stored and upload it. You’ll also notice the sharing possibilities built right into YouTube – nice!

Upload Your PPT movie to YouTube

Go out and try this – it’s not hard! What has your experience been with this feature? Have you already heard about this in PowerPoint 2010? This is so helpful and convenient.

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