LinkedIn – New Features To Highlight Strengths

Do you check LinkedIn periodically for new features that might beef up your profile and make you look like more of an authority?   linkedin logo

The best way to find out is just to log into LinkedIn and get in the edit mode and first look over your profile. Look around for anything that says ‘new’.  Below you can see something new added. This section will highlight courses, earned certifications, volunteer work,  language proficiencies, or received awards. Now there’s a place to list them so they’ll show in your profile.

Mashable wrote an article stating that employers are 41% more likely to hire people who volunteer and consider it nearly on the level as working for pay. This is one of the new sections you may want to fill out.

A partial list of sections available is below When you’re in your profile ‘edit’ mode, you’ll see the ‘add sections’ area as below. Just click on it and there’s a form that’ll make it easy for you to complete. Click save and look at your updated profile.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile Regularly

Remember, when you make any changes to your profile, add anything, it goes into a news feed that appears to your connections – either in an email (if they’ve signed up to receive updates), or they’ll see it over to the right in the news feed column there.

how to edit linked in

linkedin new sections

Social Media Marketing

If you have a business or work at a business, you should have a LinkedIn profile.Why? Try Binging or Googling your name and you’ll most likely see that your LinkedIn profile appears near the top of search results. It seems the search engines really like to index LinkedIn. With the ease of set up, why not do it? Give me a call at 405-633-1770 or email me a lynn (at) if you need help getting business social media set up and optimized!

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