Laptop unable to connect to wireless network after Sleep/Hibernate?

 Those of us with wireless laptops depend on our computers to be ready to go back to work after being in sleep or hibernate mode. Until this month, I had never had a problem with getting reconnected to the network after sleep or hibernation. However, my daughter’s Toshiba laptop suddenly started losing the wireless signal after being in one of these modes. It seemed to have happened after a Microsoft update a month ago.

The computer would not see any available networks, (when I knew at least two were there), so this piece of information pointed towards a setting/software issue. I tried to find and uninstall the wireless driver update Microsoft did, but that wasn’t the problem. The computer would see and connect to the wireless network upon reboot every time. So, I’m scratching my head and trying to think this through. Then, I googled it and finally found the solution at Tech Arena – an Indian Support Site.

Specifically, I found the solution here. For convenience, I have cut and pasted a screen shot and text of the solution below.


Go to network and sharing, right-click on  properties on your network connection and click on Configure…
Then click on the Power Management tab. Uncheck “Allow this computer to turn of this device to save power”. Click Ok.

Now it should be fine. At least mine was fine after I did this. I
think what happens is that Vista somehow disables the adapter (in some
kind of behind the scenes way that you don’t see) and doesn’t turn it
back on until you disable/re-enable the adapter or reboot the machine.

This solved a very annoying and time-consuming problem. Thanks very much to the fine folks at Tech Arena who posted the solution!

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  1. Fantastic info Lynn! It should also be noted that this occurs with wired networks as well. The fix is the same.

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