Jing-Make a Video, Take A Screenshot

Recently, I was wanting to do an instructional video for a friend who needed to perform edits of her website and I remembered how I had used Jing a year or so ago.  If you’ve never used the program, you may find it helpful to download the guidebook (pdf), as it quickly stepsJing Logo you through how to do a screenshot and how to make a narrated video.

I previously posted about Jing from TechSmith. Back then, I had compatibility problems with the program and had to uninstall it. Now, it’s rediscovered – at least by me. I installed it and didn’t have any problems using it with Windows 7.

I use the Snipping Tool to capture illustrations, (ships with Windows Vista & 7), but one thing it can’t do is get a capture of a drop down menu. Jing has the ‘capture hotkey’ feature. With this feature you can click to get to your drop down menu, initiate your capture key combination (I chose Crtl + J), and then the Jing interface appears and you can get your capture—slick.

Here are some of the newer features

  • ability to add up to 8 additional customizable buttons to have Jing do different things
  • Send your screencast to twitter to share
  • updated help section with videos showing you how to do just about any Jing task
  • Get an embed code and post your content to a blog or website


Other Jing Features:

  • Takes a snapshot of your whole screen or a small portion of your screen
  • Option to save your output (.jpg) to either a free screencast account, your computer, or if you’re really geeky, you can save output at your FTP site or YouTube (Pro Version).
  • Ability to capture a video running on your computer to share with someone
  • Ability to make your own video – be it instructional or just fun in nature. Videos can then be instantly shared via IM, web or email.
  • If you have a microphone, you can record your comments or instructions while capturing what you want to share. Nice feature and really allows for personalization.
  • Output your jpgs to your Flickr account
  • There is a 5” time limit for videos.
  • A Pro version is available that will allow direct import to YouTube and the ability to save your videos as MPEG4s instead of the default SWF Flash Video. Other advantages to Pro as well. See them here

The Pro version is only $15/year. If you are one who likes to make instructional videos – for fun or for business, you’ll want to upgrade. With the Pro Version, you’ll be able to use a webcam and get smoothly transitioned shots of yourself, along with what is on your screen. Then post to your YouTube account with one click.

Jing is a free product by TechSmith (who also brings you SnagIt (like Jing, only not free), and Camtasia Studio (a high-end video producing software, also paid). Jing also integrates well with both of these products.

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