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If you are using Microsoft calendar that comes with Windows 7, or have downloaded and installed Windows Live Calendar (and mail),  did you know you can import other iCal standard calendars into your Live calendar or you can put your Live Calendar into your Gmail Calendar?

microsft live calendar
Live Calendar

Sometimes, it’s nice to have your Live and Google calendars (and mail), in the same place. This article will focus on calendars.

If you have Windows 7, you will have the already installed mail application which has the calendar in it. You can use this desktop application if you’re off-line, which is nice. I’ve noticed, though, that the on-line ‘Live’ mail and calendar have more robust and useful features. To view your Gcal in Live Calendar, you must use the web interface, which we’ll call Live Calendar.

For calendaring, the web version of Live Calendar gives you the option to import an associate or friends live calendar. If you use Gmail, you can also import both your gmail account as well as your calendar into the web Live Mail. Here are the steps on importing a Live Calendar into your Google calendar and how to import your Google calendar into your Live Calendar.

I wish it were an easier process, but there are quite a few steps to follow, just print them out or use a dual monitor to follow them closely.The author doesn’t say, but I would think that once the steps are followed and you’ve imported your calendar into Windows Live calendar, it will update automatically.

If you bring your google calendar into your Live calendar, it’s a 1-way sync. So you’ll have to add appointments from your google calendar and they will eventually show up on the Live Calendar. I don’t know how often it refreshes, but you can click on the Goog Calendar and it’ll take you to a page where you can see when it was last refreshed. I didn’t see how to change the refresh schedule though.

Below is a look into the windows live calendar screenshot with instructions on how to share complete calendar details or just your free/busy times. There is a link for importing an ICS  file and RSS feeds.

windows live calendar subscribe page

It’s important to note the differences between subscribing and importing calendars. Here is a great explanation from Microsoft on how it works.

If you import a calendar, you’ve imported data that will not change or update. This is fine if you want to import a German holiday calendar. They don’t change or get updated throughout the year.

If you subscribe to an on-line published calendar, then your calendar will automatically update when the main on-line calendar changes.

Managing calendars is always a challenge – I hope this will help keep you organized.

Here are screenshots of the differences between the Windows Live (web) calendar and the Windows Calendar (desktop client). As I mentioned earlier, the Live Calendar on the web is where you can either subscribe or import calendars.

windows calendar
shot of windows calendar - no share or import options
Windows Live Calendar
shot of Windows Live (web) calendar – more features

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  2. Wasn't sure under which blog entry to post this question, but is there a way to use Windows Live Hotmail Calendar (web version of Calendar – Windows Live Mail) to send invitations to events (and send to-do items with deadlines) to those using other calendar products/services, with those items then automatically appearing on their calendars (/to-do lists)?
    As to other products, I'm currently concerned with Outlook, but for those Outlook users who don't use Hotmail or Windows Live or have a Windows Live ID. The concern is whether the two products are able or not able to communicate or interact in the way that I'd like. I unfortunately don't have Outlook to test. In addition, Microsoft online help hasn't been clear with respect to crossing products/services.
    If that approach indeed won't work, after setting up a calendar, I'm thinking of using the "Send people a view-only link to your calendar" via webcal/ICS format (using "Links that show event details"), as shown in this post. The calendar would contain only those events/to-dos of concern, with notifications of one day for each of them. The drawback here is the read-only nature of the calendar. The other people would have to send a separate email message to inform me if they're unable to attend an event after paging through the calendar to locate the events. I'd then have to go back into my calendar and make any changes, which would then sync to the calendars of the other people via the calendar subscription. It also gives much less flexibility to the people on the other end in terms of any customizations, such as notification settings, etc.
    It would obviously be much easier if the two products were able to understand one another as originally hoped. I strongly suspect it not to be the case despite the products both being Microsoft-branded.
    Is there an alternative option that I might be overlooking? If I instead chose to send the webcal link as above, but changed webcal to http in the URL, I think that the calendar would become one that could be downloaded by the others to their locals drives as an ICS file and then imported into Outlook. I'm unfamiliar with this approach, but wonder if the calendar then becomes editable by those other people. Again, a separate email message would have to be sent to me for each event that couldn't be attended after paging through the calendar to look at them all. If I then made changes to my calendar and provided the new ICS file to everyone, what would happen when they imported it? Would the full calendar get overwritten, events possibly duplicated, etc? I'm not familiar enough with how that process might work.
    Anyway, obviously searching for thoughts and ideas from anyone able to weigh in on how best to proceed — thanks.

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