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How To Use Microsoft Word To Post To WordPress

What do you use to compose your blog articles? There are quite a few tools out there, but I recently discovered that good ole’ Microsoft Word can be used to compose, insert images and then upload my written masterpiece! I’ll show you how to use Word to link to your WordPress blog account.

I used to use Windows Live Writer (it’s not supported anymore), and then Open Live Writer, but I got away from using it. I started doing my composing in Word because I like it better than writing on-line – it just works better for me. I like that it has grammar and spelling corrections. I also like that I can add all my images right within Word and the whole document will upload to my website and the images will be placed in the Media Library – Nice!

I’ve got screen shots and the steps below and I’ve also recorded a quick, 3-minute video if you’d rather watch how to do it.

Here’s the step-by-step video. I have other how-to videos on YouTube. Click here to go to my channel and subscribe!

Use Microsoft Word to Compose WordPress Blogs

First, click on ‘File’ in Word to go to the backstage area and then click on ‘Share’ and then click on ‘Post to Blog’.

screenshot of Word and the Share section

Second, you’ll choose your blog provider. I clicked the drop down and selected WordPress. The other choices are SharePoint Blog, Typepad and Telligent Community.

Screenshot of where you click the dropdown to select WordPress

Third, this is where you enter in the url and credentials you use when logging into your WordPress website. Be sure you remove the divs – the < and > when you enter in your blog url. Click remember password. If you click on Picture Options, I selected to let WordPress manage my images.

place to enter in credentials to log into WordPress

That’s all there is to it. One thing I do is make sure I click over to ‘Publish as Draft’ instead of just ‘Publish’. I usually like to make some tweaks after it gets uploaded to my website.

That’s it – it goes very quickly and easily as long as you enter in your credentials the right way! I’ll be using it from now on.
What tools do you use for composing your WordPress writings?

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