How To Enable and Use the LastPass App on Android

I’ve been a LastPass user for several years now and purchased the $12/year premium version (worth much more than this). I wrote about how important using a dog looking at android appspassword manager is here. I’ve had the Android app on my phone for some time now, but I could never figure out how to use the Android LastPass app on my phone the right way. LastPass is like a watchdog for my phone and desktop.

After I put the app on my phone, I thought it would magically connect me and log me in as it does on the desktop, but whenever I’d open an app, the familiar dots by the username and password were not there. Instead, I’d open the LastPass app, log in and search for my site and then use that information to enter it into my app.

Then I did some searches on using it effectively and found this short video from LastPass that showed me how to enable the LastPass Accessibility Service. That’s the part I was missing.

You can watch the video and pause it when you need to in order to follow along and enable this service from your Android phone. I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S5 and not sure what all Android flavors this supports.

Steps on Android for LastPass App

Here are the Steps on my Galaxy S5 – these are a bit different than the video because the video is somewhat outdated.

  1. Log into the LastPass app
  2. Go to settings
  3. Go to App Fill and tap
  4. Check ‘ Fill logins on other apps’
  5. Read the next screen and say OK to go to the toggle switch screen
  6. Say Yes to toggle this on

Now you’re finished. Use the back key to get back to the LastPass app, or just go to an app you want to open and you’ll see the familiar dot icons. LastPass will pop up and ask you to log in again. After you do that, it’ll fill in your user and password and you should get logged in!

LastPass Authenticator

This came out in March of 2016 and I’m going to be working on how to use this next. They say it’ll make it easy to log in with 2-factor authorization.

If you’ve set it up, please leave a comment about the usability and how you like it. Thanks for reading!


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