How To Set Up An Out Of Office Notification-for Outlook & O365

I had a friend ask me how to set up an out of office response using Outlook 2013 for her work account. She was going on vacachildren playing vacationtion and didn’t want to feel pressured to be checking her email every day.

She does not have Office 365 or an Exchange server, so there were a couple of steps necessary to get this done using a combination of Outlook rules and creating a simple email template that was applied to the rule.

Here’s a quick 3 minute video that will show you how to set up your out-of-office response using either Office 365 or Outlook 2013.



If you’d rather read about it than watch a video – here’s the link to the instructions for setting up an automatic reply without using an Exchange Server account.

Pro tip – when you set up your out of office notification, also set up a reminder on your calendar to take it off when you come back! So many people (me included), forget to do this.

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