How To Do An Initial OneDrive For Business Sync

If you are putting Office 365 along with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint on a new computer or workstation, this video will show you how to start your first OneDrive For Business and SharePoint sync. (Windows 10.)

I’ll outline the general steps below, but check the video to catch all the detail. This video deals with how to do the OneDrive For Business & SharePoint syncs only.

Steps To Do An Initial OneDrive For Business Sync

  • I start with ODFB first, so log into and sign into your account and click on the ‘OneDrive’ icon
  • Click the ‘Sync’ at the top and click through the prompts (you’ll probably have to sign in again)
  • Choose which files/folders you want to download
  • Click to view your windows explorer and see the files and folders start to populate
  • If you’re on Win 10, click the window in the lower left and type in ‘OneDrive For Business’, and then click on the desktop app and it will start it up and you should now see your blue cloud in your system tray.
  • Now to back to the portal (on-line), click on SharePoint and go through the same steps to start syncing your SharePoint Sites. You’ll need to do them one by one (your sites).



Bonus Tip – Look at How To Tell Which Sync Engines Are Running on your Computer

Last week, I wrote about what’s going on with ODFB, Groove and which sync engine am I using. At the end of the video, I show you how to look at your own computer and see what you have running.

To do this, simply do a Ctrl+alt+del and this brings up your Task Manager and shows you what is running. Now click on the ‘Details’ tab. Scroll down – every running process is listed alphabetically. Here’s a look at mine.

I’m running 2 Groove sync engines – one on each identity. I should probably go and log out of the other identity so it doesn’t continue to run and take up resources, but that’s how you know what you’re running.

Simply click the ‘X’ in the upper right corner to exit – it won’t affect your system.

So that’s how to get started, or restarted with getting your sites synced up. Leave a comment with any comments or your suggestions.

Task Manager-showing onedrive sync engine running

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