How to Make a Photo Album with PowerPoint

There are many ways to share photos. I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to insert an entire folder of pictures into PowerPoint 2010, add some cool design features and save and share it and be on your way. You’ll have a photo album in PowerPoint that you can take with you, save to the web (your SkyDrive), broadcast it on the web, or make a movie.

I’ve got a video (under 3”), that shows you step by step how to insert your pictures and then spiff them up a bit to make it look professional before saving and sharing.

How To Make a Photo Album with PowerPoint 2010


Share your Photos

If you have a large photo album, you may want to send it via email. There is a compression feature you can utilize if you wish to do this.

There are several other options available to you below. Let’s go over them:

Save to Web – this will save it to your SkyDrive (free, just need a Windows Live ID)

Save to Sharepoint – this is a paid service (you can get it with Office 365)

Broadcast Slides – this looks really cool and easy, but when I tried it out, I found out that the presentation has to be seen by all viewers simultaneously. At least it seemed that way to me. Kind of strange.

Publish Slides – This was also a bit strange – it shows a list of all slides and there’s a check box by each slide and I can choose to ‘publish’ a single slide.

Photos Saved Another Way

There is also the ability to make your slides into a movie. I tried this option and it would convert the presentation into a .wmv movie file. I can add transition effects too. Nice.

You can save it into a .pdf for sharing/emailing to people who don’t have PowerPoint..


Microsoft is really coming along with some forward-looking features in PowerPoint. I hope you’ll check this one out and let me know your results.

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