How to Install & Use Apps for Office 2013

If you are using Office 2013, or Office 365 (the flavor that comes with Office installed), then you have the ability to install and use a number of apps designed either for productivity or fun in your various Office 2013 programs. Think of these types of apps as you do an app for your smart phone. An app for your smartphone enables you do look at one item in a view and with the menu items that make it easy for you while on your phone or a tablet. Adding an app to Outlook 2013, or Office 2013 will customize  your experience and hopefully make you more productive.

When you are at the Microsoft store, be sure to notice where your apps can be installed. For example, some can be installed and used both in the desktop application and the web. You can see in the example below where the apps will function.

microsoft office app store

Today, I’ve recorded a video for you on how to install and use a LinkedIn app for Outlook 2013. It’s important to remember that apps can only be installed from within Office 2013. In our video today, you’ll see that I started from within Microsoft Outlook 2013. To be able to install apps into Outlook 2013, look for the ‘Manage Apps’ button that is located at the bottom of the ‘File’ menu in Outlook 2013.



I invite you to take a look at this 3” video where I walk you through the steps to install and use the LinkedIn app for Outlook 2013. It just takes a few minutes and then it’s ready for you to use. Although there’s a link for you to like or comment on someone’s status, update or achievement, when you click, you’ll be taken to LinkedIn where you’ll need to sign in to actually make your comment.

Install an app from the Microsoft Store in Outlook 2013


I’ve got a screenshot below that will give you an idea of what you’ll see from your LinkedIn connections from within Outlook.


If you are using Office 2013, you should check out some of the apps that could make you more productive.

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