How To Install New Next Gen Sync Client (Sep. 2016)

This article will show you how to install the new OneDrive Sync client on your PC. This is the the sync client introduced at the September, 2016 Microsoft Ignite Conference. The last sync client was called the next gen sync client. It looks like they are naming this the ‘new’ OneDrive sync client.

To show you, I have a 7″ video – a little longer than I wanted, but it shows everything you’ll need to successfully install the new sync client on your PC system(s). I had already put the client on my desktop, this video demos how I installed the OneDrive sync client on my laptop for you.

This is the sync client that will reliably (they say), sync your SharePoint libraries along with your OneDrive for Business files and folders. Other major features are at the end of this article.

To get ready to install the OneDrive sync client on your system, go to this OneDrive instructions page and first download the two files you’ll need – the OneDrive sync client and a registry file that needs to be installed to your registry editor. The tricky part (for me), was that I’d never installed a registry key and when I first attempted it on my desktop, I didn’t do it the right way. You should be able to double-click on this .reg file and it should run. But if it doesn’t, then follow these instructions on this cool site, Ask Leo, and you’ll get it.

Instructions for Installing the new OneDrive Sync Client

  1. Disconnect your SharePoint libraries from Groove (look at instruction page for details or watch video).
  2. Download and install the TeamSiteSyncPreview.reg
  3. Download and install the OneDrive preview
  4. Restart the sync client (or it may start on its own – mine did).
  5. Log into your Office 365 account, go to SharePoint, choose a site and start the sync. Check my video for some prompts you’ll go through and then you can start selecting the folders to sync.

Advantages of New OneDrive Sync Client

The primary advantage is that they call it ‘rock solid‘ – meaning, we shouldn’t be getting the troublesome sync errors with the current, ‘next gen’ sync client. I’ve not had many errors in the past, but some of my clients have and I’m hoping this will alleviate and even remove these errors.

Secondly, this client reliably will sync your SharePoint Team sites. The next gen sync client did not do this for some.

Selective Sync – now we can choose, by device, which folders and files we want. This means we can take advantage of the 1T of storage we have on OneDrive for Business, but we don’t have to store all of it on our devices!

Activity Center – now we can see what we’ve synced or what is currently syncing by left-clicking on the cloud icon.

new onedrive sync engine activity centerYou will now see, in the backstage view, who is sharing files with you. I believe this appears when using Office 2016, I’m still on 2013 and I don’t see it.

OoneDrive files being shared with meI’ve had it on my desktop for about a month, and it’s been working very well for me. It is still in preview, but they are pretty confident that it works well. The new sync client is still being worked on some. They are going to roll it out to everyone early next year, I believe.

Are you going to install the new OneDrive sync client? If you do, please come back and leave a comment on how it went for you.

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