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How-to Get Genuine Windows

Is your copy of Windows valid and if not, what should you do about it? There is a Get Genuine Windows Kit that you can get on-line. The kit will cost less than buying a new copy of Windows.

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I did an article on Get Genuine Windows Kit five years ago, but it’s still getting a lot of traffic, so I thought I’d write a new article since we are now on Windows 10.


Get Genuine Windows Kit

Click the link for the newest information on Get Genuine Windows Kit.

If you don’t have genuine Windows on your computer, you probably have seen pop-ups or other ‘nags’ letting you know if may not be genuine.

get genuine windows kit

How to Buy a Get Genuine Windows Kit

When I dealt with this for a client, I got a pop-up that said to click to fix it. After verifying the link was going to Microsoft, I clicked over and was able to buy a copy of Windows on-line.

I’ve looked at a lot of on-line forums of people asking how they can get a kit. To my knowledge, no one at Microsoft will give you a link because the Get Genuine Kit you get from Microsoft is cheaper than a regular license.

I did see on the CDW website that they offer a Get Genuine Kit for just $10 less than buying a new copy – this was for Windows 10 Pro. Since I haven’t had to purchase a Get Genuine Kit, I don’t know how much they are now.

What If I Upgraded to Windows 10 For Free?

Even if you upgraded your computer to Windows 10 during the free upgrade time, you still upgraded to a non-legal copy and you will still continue to get the messages.

Critical Updates Still Installed

It’s pretty decent of Microsoft to allow critical updates to be installed on a non-genuine copy of Windows. Their reasoning is probably that they don’t want a Windows computer to become part of a compromised/bot network.

Digital and Non-Digital Windows

When you see ads on-line about “Low-cost”, “discounted price” as it relates to buying a Windows license, close your browser! To be on the safe side, don’t buy a Windows disk from Craigslist or Ebay. It is really risky. This Microsoft site will give you tips and what to look for for determining if a physical disk is legit or not.

Windows 7 Install Disk

If you happen to get a bootleg copy of Windows, I hope this helps prepare you for the process. Yes, it’ll cost some money, but not as much as buying a full version. Good luck and let me know your experience with the Get Genuine Windows Kit.

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