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How To Disable The Groove Sync Client

By now, those of us with Windows 10 and the Fall (2017) Windows Creator’s Update are using the newest OneDrive sync engine. It’s the one with FOD (files on demand). This sync client is the one after NGSC (next gen laptop computer with file folder and glassessync client). I’ve noticed that some of my clients still are showing the old (Groove) OneDrive sync client. This article and video will show you how to disable the Groove sync client so it won’t start any more.

How do you know if you have the old Groove sync client? If you are using Office 365 and OneDrive (consumer), you should have just 2 clouds in your task bar – a blue one and a white one. If you see 3 clouds, most likely one of them is Groove.

The groove sync icon is a darker blue and it has white lines around it. The newest OneDrive icon is a lighter blue with a dark blue line around the clouds. The video will show you in detail which is which.

I’ve had a few clients where I’ve been seeing the old Groove icon and usually I right-click on it and go to ‘exit’. However, it just comes back at the next reboot. So I searched and found how to disable it using the start process from within Task Manager.

To start Task Manager, do a Ctrl+Alt+Del and look for the startup tab and then look for OneDrive icons. Right click on an icon and go to File location and if it leads you to Groove, this is the one to disable. If it leads to OneDrive, that is the current one and you do NOT want to disable it. This is shown in detail in the video.

When you’re in Task Manager>StartUp, look for and right-click on the Groove OneDrive and select ‘disable’. Now it will not start again.

task manager to disable groove


Video on How To Disable Groove Client

This video is under 3 minutes and will take you step by step to check out your situation.

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