How To Automatically Publish Your Blog to Social Media Accounts

If you’re a regular blogger and want to automatically get your latest blog out to social media, you could try (yes, deliver it is the truncated name). I heard about this from Nancy Seeger, of Arts Assistance, in the IVAA forums. She was answering a question someone had about automatically getting content out.

I went to check it out and signed up for an account to see what all it does. It is easy to sign up and set up. Right after setting up, I was asked for my blog feed. Below are the sources to choose from. I used the RSS feed icon.

Next, you’re presented with adding your ‘routes’. With the free account you can add up to 5 feeds and 3 social accounts. So I just have the one feed and added Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Google + is a ‘Pro’ feature. Other ‘routes’ included Tumblr, Delicious and others I’m not familiar with. options

When adding the ‘routes’, there are tabs you can click on to dig down deep in the settings to make your posts more individualized. For example, with Twitter, I could choose if I want the title to appear in the tweet or part of the post body. On the advanced tab, I could have put in a hashtag.


twitter options with

I set up my account with the default and then went and checked and sure enough, it posted my last week’s article instantly. checks your feed every 30” to see if anything new has been posted and then it’ll send out the new post per your instructions.

So if you’re needing to quickly set something up to get your posts out into social media, this is an option. A wonderful feature is the ability to schedule when you want your posts to be published, but you need a pro account to do that and the lowest-priced one is $10/month. I use HootSuite to schedule my posts – it is a free feature over there.

There are quite a few great features of, you can add members to your team, utilize and much more. Check it out at their website.

Something to keep in mind is that Facebook penalizes you for publishing content outside their playground. So you may not want to add Facebook. I prefer to use HootSuite to set up my publishing. It doesn’t automatically publish when I publish an article, but I’d rather control when something goes out and not have it hit all my social media accounts at one time.

A cool feature of is the ability to set up your own do,main-branded short link. There are instructions for setting up a short url here. That is something I need to do.

What tools are others using to get their content out there? I’ve also used in the past, but haven’t checked them out lately.

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