Have Secure Wi-Fi Everywhere With Comodo TrustConnect

We’ve all heard the warnings about how insecure public hotspots are. We’ve been cautioned to not even enter in our email passwords as a bad guy could be in range and be using software to capture passwords or any other data being typed in by unsuspecting patrons. Forget about checking your bank balance, paying bills or doing any on-line shopping.   image

Comodo is a name synonymous with internet security. They’ve been around a long time and I’ve just recently rediscovered them and have been impressed with their offerings – many free and some are for-pay. TrustConnect is their secure Wi-Fi service. With TrustConnect, you can safely log into all of your accounts, pay bills, shop, check email—anything you would do from your home.image Here are the features from their website:

TrustConnect Wi-Fi Security Features:
  • Securely encrypts all data transmitted over both wired and wireless Internet connections
  • Creates a Virtual Private Network to hide all personal web-surfing information
  • Utilizes industry-standard 128-bit encryption
  • Lightweight—protects without interfering with normal computer operation

It’s compatible for all you iPhone and iTouch users. The software is compatible with Linux and Mac Operating Systems as well.

How Does It Work?

There is software to download and install. It puts an icon in your system tray. When you’re ready to use it, click on the icon to launch, enter in your username and password and you’ll be able to be online as if you’re invisible. Your IP is not revealed and your connection is secure using 128-bit encryption.


There is a free 7-day trial period, but a credit card is required to get the free trial. Pricing seems very reasonable

  • $3.99 for a 24-hour period
  • $6.99 for a month
  • $49.99 for the whole year
  • Corporate pricing available as well

I think the next time I go out of town or am on vacation, I’m going to definitely use this service. For frequent business travelers or serious vacationers, it seems like the solution for being able to be on-line and productive while away from home.

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