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Aren’t there times when you want to look at someone’s computer…take CONTROL of their computer to either walk them through the steps to accomplish a task, or maybe get a quick file? Perhaps a client or friend is having computer ‘issues’, and you are the IT support.

I heard about GoToAssist on the Chris Pirillo podcast recently. He spoke of it highly and said they were looking for beta testers right now, so I signed up. I’ve used it three times now and have found it pretty intuitive and most importantly, EASY for the person you’re trying to assist to use as well!

I also use LogMeIn (see earlier blog posting), and I intend to continue using it, but here are some BIG advantages of GoToAssist:

1. Ability to initiate a session with someone on the fly – just send them an email request and Go To Assist sends both a verification code and a link. The recipient clicks on the link and the program is easily downloaded with only a few mouse clicks from your client or friend. The verification code is entered in, the recipient clicks on the accept the session button and wa-la, you have control of their computer!

2. Ability to transfer files between computers.

3. Ability to run 1-click diagnostics and save to a report.

4. You can send a ctrl-alt-del command to the remote computer and it has a chat feature.

I tried it first with two computers side by side. It was cool and worked like a charm. The second time, I used it on a computer in a different part of the house and it stayed connected nearly the whole day – the program didn’t time-out on me. The last time, I wanted to give a friend a tour of the Linked-In site. I started GoToAssist, sent him an email with the link and code. His web skills are definitely lower level and I knew if he could do the few clicks to download and install the software, then anyone could! The only glitch we had was that I underestimated the slowness of his machine and he wasn’t seeing what he should have because his computer was S-L-O-W. But once he saw the place to click to download the software, we were off! There was a little screen-lag time, but I think that was his computer. We had a great tour, and neither of us were frustrated trying to communicate, “well, do you see that icon in the upper right hand side” kind of thing.

Right now, anyone can sign up for the Individual Service Provider beta account. You are asked to give feedback on a form after each session. There is also a more professional version. The website states they want to have it out of beta mid-year and I’m not sure if it will be a pay service or not, so try it out for free now!

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