how to set up onedrive part 2

Get Started With OneDrive (part 2)

We conclude our tour of getting to know OneDrive this week. Here’s the intro from last week if you want to catch up. This week, we’ll look at how to upload pictures and documents, share from OneDrive on the web and on your desktop and more.

OneDrive has a great user experience. When you log in, you’re presented with tiles of your photos (I think this is the default, but you can click over to the upper right with the window icon and choose the ’tiles’ option. Here’s what mine looks like…

Tile view of OneDrive photos

This 3″ video will give you a tour and show you what you can do with your OneDrive.



Things You Can Do With OneDrive

Now that you’ve signed into your OneDrive account, it’s time to add some photos and documents. In this video, I show you how to:

  • upload from your desktop to the web using drag & drop
  • upload folders, not just single files
  • how to move things from one part of OneDrive to another
  • how to make new folders and show you the Office Web Apps, where you can use Word, Excel PowerPoint and more for free – no desktop Office needed
  • how to share your photos or documents – both from the web and desktop
  • how to check your Shared items – who you are sharing with and who is sharing with you-below is a look at the Sharing tab
Shared view of OneDrive
Shared view of OneDrive

Drag and Drop Files From Windows Explorer To OneDrive

You can add files, photos, etc. to your OneDrive right from Windows Explorer on your desktop. You don’t have to do this on the web. You’d handle it just like you’d move things from one folder to another – nothing special!

Your OneDrive

Now that you know the basics, sign into your OneDrive and start adding files, photos, videos, pdfs and more. Then when you go to visit relatives or friends, you can log in and show them your photos. If you need to access a document and you’re not at home, access it securely from any web browser.

Have I left something out or do you have a question? Leave a comment here or over at my YouTube channel – subscribe if you haven’t yet! Thanks for reading.

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