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Get Classic SharePoint Site

When I first started using Office 365 and created my first SharePoint site, it was a simple experience with the Site being created and I had my documents. Later on, when I created a Site, I saw it had to be a Team or Communication Site. Well, I wanted to get my classic SharePoint Site back!

SharePoint Classic Site
Classic Team Site Creation Box
new team site screen
The Team Creation Site box (new)

Classic SharePoint Site Settings

I just heard a podcast from CIAops, two guys – Robert Crane and Marc Kean – from Australia. You can catch their podcast here. They mentioned there was such a thing as a classic SharePoint setting, so I had to check it out.

You can get to it from the portal, click on Admin>Admin Centers>SharePoint>Settings.

The screen is below – just check the ‘a classic site’ button. Scroll to the bottom to save your settings then log out and back in and you will be able to once again, create a simple, classic site!

admin screen to select classic site in O365 SharePoint

Video of SharePoint Settings, Sharing and More

Here’s a video that shows the steps to change your settings. The first half of the video walks you through the SharePoint classic settings.

The second part goes over how the Admin can control how things are shared from the O365 tenant. Do you want people in your organization to be able to share documents with people outside your company? Do you want to set a date where the link won’t work anymore? This is the place to do it.

Then I finish up with showing an article from Microsoft that brings support for the # and % characters when used in file and folder names. Previously, any file or folder names with these (and other), unsupported characters would stop the sync of a SharePoint Site/library. This support happens naturally if you start an Office 365 tenant after June.

If you want to enable support of these characters now, you’ll need to know some PowerShell and API stuff that’s above my paygrade! I’ll wait until it gets to everyone.

Video for SharePoint Classic Settings & More

Here’s the video on Get Classic SharePoint – and here’s the link to subscribe to my YouTube channel. When you subscribe, you’ll get a notification whenever I post a new video.

Setting for New Sync Client “Experience” for OneDrive for Business & SharePoint

I noticed that the page to make sure you are using the newest OneDrive for Business and SharePoint sync clients are now on the same page in the SharePoint Admin settings.

Here’s the screen and, of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the latest sync client. Things will go so much better if you do!

Admin page to turn on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint new sync clients

O365 Change is Constant

I do a lot of reading, video-watching and podcast-listening to try to keep up with the changes in Office 365. Every month, Microsoft puts out a video of the newest updates on their YouTube Channel. It doesn’t cover everything, but it’s a start. I’ve got the link to the O365 series here if you want to subscribe too.

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