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Free Training With Your Library Card!

Editor’s Note: This article is being updated January of 2018 to give more screen shots and more information on exactly where to find the training place on the library website!

What additional services does your library offer? Libraries do much more than lend books, music and movies. We’re going to look at – a popular and okc library & lynda.comhighly-rated training service that sells for $25/month. Get free training with your library card!

Check your particular library’s website to see what great offerings they may have in store for you.

Even though the library updates their website periodically, I’ve noticed that they still have the word ‘Research’ right on the front page of the website and this is what you need to focus on to get to

Click on Research and then you’ll be taken to an Article Search area. You can either type in or just click on the ‘L’ below the search box and you’ll see!

finding on the library website under research


Click on and you’re just about there! You’ll be taken to a screen where you can log in with your library credentials! hyperlink to get your free account


Video To Walk You Through Getting Your Free Account

This very short video shows where to get to the service and how easy it is to sign up using your current library card credentials.

If you already have/had a account in the past, the software wizard asks you about it and you can connect your old account to your new, free account and all your past history will be imported to the new account.


This was just too cool not to share. What does YOUR library offer? Here are links to all the services at the Oklahoma County Library. This doesn’t show all the databases, magazines and more that are available to library patrons.okc library &

Our public libraries keep adding more and more services to make it easy for you to read or listen to books. Most libraries also have extensive videos – both for pleasure and learning! Check out your local library.


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