free pick-it images from microsoft to use

Free Images for Office – Pickit

If you are a content creator, you’re probably on the lookout for free images and icons. Microsoft has teamed up with Pickit to bring this browsable and searchable collection to you for free. No money, no attribution needed, no copyright or creative commons to deal with.

Pickit App

With Pickit, you get a searchable collection of photos, icons, 3D and moving images – 1.2 billion images!

Here’s a two-minute video that shows you how to get it from the Windows Store, install and use it for your presentation, blog or other creative needs. I made this video with my laptop which has Office 2016 and is a slightly different experience from 2013 (explained below).


Pickit With Microsoft Office 2013

I went through the same install process with my Office 2013, but it didn’t put the Pickit icon in my tool bar as it did with 2016. Instead, I started Pickit by going to the ‘Insert’ tab in PowerPoint, and then clicked on ‘Add-ins’, and then Pickit was available there for me.

Pickit with PowerPoint 2013

After clicking the Pickit icon, then a vertical, rectangular box opened at the right and from there I could start doing searches for images. When I found one, I just dragged it over onto my PowerPoint slide. From there I could resize it or add to it.

how Pickit appears in the sidebar of PowerPoint

Be aware – there are ads presented throughout your browsing experience – rather annoying, but that’s the way it is!

Use Pickit for Blogging or Other Creative Projects

Since Pickit is completely free, you don’t have to be limited to using this with only Microsoft Office. Once you have the app from the Microsoft store, just type in Pickit and the app starts up on your desktop where you can do searches and grab any images you wish for any of your creative projects.



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