Fix OneDrive for Business Sync Errors with Tool

If you have the business branded Office 365, one of the components is OneDrive for Business. This is storage for your company’s files. There’s the SharePoint side which is mainly used for sharing documents with teams. Then there’s the womaninglassesOneDrive for Business Personal storage. OneDrive in the cloud syncs to your desktop/phone/tablet/laptop, giving you access to your files from anywhere. Whatever is in the ‘cloud’ should appear on your devices, as you’ve set it up. There are syncing issues from time to time and today we want to look at a newer feature of OneDrive for Business, and that is a tool to fix syncing issues from your desktop/device.

I’ve been a user of Office 365 since it was available. The first year or so I’d have many sync issues that were very difficult to resolve. One time I completely removed O365 from my work station and reinstalled it to fix the problems – that’s how hard it was to diagnose and figure out by myself. There is contextual support and forums, but they weren’t very robust back then. They are much better now, although the search still leaves something to be desired.

OneDrive Error Notification

I haven’t had sync issues for quite some time, so I was actually happy to see this sync ‘warning’ recently, so I could use it in my blog. Your system tray icons give you so much information, including the status of your OneDrive. The business icon is blue and the consumer is white. When you see the warning, simply right-click on the blue cloud.


Error Message – right-click on blue cloud

Easily Repair OneDrive with These Options

Then you’ll see this menu with many choices pop up. This time I only had 1 error, so I clicked on ‘Repair’. This has usually fixed things for me, this time it didn’t AND it told me what to try next.

Repair Menu

Here’s the message when I clicked the ‘Repair’ link.

Repair OneDrive for Business

Then here’s the message that said it wasn’t fixed.

could not fix onedrive

After I clicked the ‘next’ button (not seen, but it’s located in the lower half of the above image). The software did tell me to try the ‘sync now’ command and see if that worked. Then if that didn’t work, the software suggested I try the ‘stop syncing a folder’ command and then start it again. This time, the ‘sync now’ command got things back to normal again. So my blue icon showed up with no ‘warning’ exclamation mark on it.

OneDrive for Business repair options are more robust and easier to use than the consumer OneDrive repair which we talked about last week.

Get 1 TB of Free Storage

From the Microsoft Blog – For Office 365 Home ($9.99/mo) you’ll get 1 TB per person (up to 5 people), and with Office 365 Personal ($6.99/mo) and University ($79.99/4yr) you will get 1 TB per subscription. This is a great follow on to our April announcement that all OneDrive for Business customers will get 1 TB of cloud storage per person too.

To put in perspective, if you buy 1 Office 365 business license at $60/year, you’ll get 1TB of storage at no extra cost. That more than pays for your subscription.

If you’re looking for a new email solution, you can try O365 for 30 days free–I doubt you’ll go back.


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