Firefox Xmarks-Sync Bookmarks Across Computers


Sync & Backup

If you have multiple computers around the house or work and home and you’d like to be able to get to your bookmarks on all of them, Xmarks is for you. With this free add-in, you’ll never be without your bookmarks (or favorites) again. A bonus is that Xmarks also functions as a back-up for your favorites. If your computer crashes or you get a new computer, just sign into your account and they’re all back again.

The built-in backup is probably the best feature. The next best is that if you decide to do some housekeeping and clean up your bookmarks on one computer, the bookmarks will be saved and synced among all computers—nice.

I’ve been using Xmarks  for several years, but I’ve never talked about it here. It used to be called Foxmarks (because it was used only with the Firefox browser), but it was renamed because it now also works with IE, Chrome and Safari.

Sync Profiles

If you want to keep your home and work bookmarks separate, but in the same account, you can set up a sync profile. You set up what bookmarks will be available at work and which you want to see at home.

Xmarks Search Engine & Enhanced Google Search

Xmarks has come out with some newer features – a search engine that gathers together the top rated sites about a particular subject. For example, I typed in ‘tech blogs’, and I got back the expected top 3 of Engadget, Gizmodo and TechCrunch. In order to use their search, you’ll need to go to and type in the search box. I wasn’t overly impressed.


The other newer features is Search Tabs. This is an add-on to FireFox that works only when doing a Google search.


Follow the directions to install the add-on (only works with FireFox), then restart your browser. Go to Google and type in a search. Besides giving your results, more tabs will be available to give you more information on the topic.

For example, my search was ‘bible versions’. Besides the search results, you can see the other tabs that appear. Click on one of the tabs and you’ll see further information – snapshots of each website that you can preview before deciding to actually go there.


This one impressed me more than I thought it would. I usually use Bing as my search engine, but I’ll remember to use Google for some particular searches as well.

Two other features not explored here, but that you might like to are their Secure Password Sync and Mobile Access download.

Xmarks is a useful website to explore and implement some of its many features.

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