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I found Evernote earlier this year and set up an account. This tool is now out of beta and has both free andpremium features. But first, what is Evernote and what can it do for me?

Evernote is a program that allows you to capture information on the web (and other places with the right accessories), by highlighting a specific area on a page, or selecting the whole page and copying and clipping it into your very own on-line notebook. You can also think of it as an alternative to the paid Microsoft One-Note program.

Say you’re doing some Christmas shopping and you find yourself visiting several websites to compare different products. Instead of bookmarking sites you only need temporarily, just click your Evernote icon in the status bar of your browser (I use FireFox), and Evernote will ask you if you want the whole page or just a part of it, tell it what to do and then you’ll see a little icon appear telling you it’s in your Evernote notebook. Evernote even has some suggestions as to how to use them for your Christmas shopping.

Evernote tool bar

Let’s think of some other uses…you just purchased something on-line. Instead of printing out your receipt, put it in Evernote. Maybe you stumbled upon a great article and you learned something new and don’t want to forget it – clip it and put it in your ‘notebook’ Perhaps you’ve purchased software and you need to store away a product key. Put it in Evernote and store it in the clouds and on your hard drive. If you need to retrieve it, just log in to your account, type a few key words in the search box and you’ll find it. I’ve used it for all of the above.

Once you start collecting notes, they can be tagged and organized and they are all searchable. Evernote can even search for words on a picture in a note – how about that! You also have the ability to rename or merge a note. I especially like the ability to instantly email a note to someone. All the original formatting in your note is preserved when emailing, which is very nice.

Evernote offers desktop and mobile desktop apps. They especially focus on being iPhone friendly, so check that out.

Below are features of having Evernote on your Desktop. I have it on my laptop and it doesn’t seem to take a lot of resources. There is the small, green Evernote icon/logo that shows up in my sys tray. I don’t have it installed on a desktop and it still works great. I did install the FireFox Web Clipper Add-on which is handy. The Evernote icon is placed at the top of my browser window – easily accessible whenever I need it!

Features of Desktop Version: (from the website)

  • Create notes containing text and audio
  • Find printed and handwritten text within images
  • Clip application and web content directly into Evernote
  • Synchronize with the Evernote Service and access all notes, even ones taken using other clients

New Evernote Offering – Eye-Fi

If you like to take a lot of digital pics and post them on-line, this may be for you! With this special SD Card from Evernote (from $79-129), you can snap a digital photo and when you have your camera in the range of an open wireless point, or one you have access to, the card will automatically upload your photos to your Evernote account. Here are some great practical applications for this from the website:

  • Got back from a conference with a stack of business cards? Snap a photo of them
  • Just finished a big whiteboard session? Don’t copy it into your notebook, snap a photo
  • Just had dinner? Snap a photo of the receipt for your records
  • Doing some comparison shopping? Go to a store and snap a photo of the sales tags
  • Got a billion dollar idea sketched on a napkin? Snap a photo so you’ll never forget it

I’ve found Evernote to be useful–I just need to remember to that it’s there and use it more frequently! I’d like to hear your experiences and uses for Evernote – please comment.

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