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How To Email From Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has so many features. One I just found was how to send an email from Excel. It’s really easy too, you can watch the video or scan through these quick steps.

How To Email From Microsoft Excel

  1. Go to your Quick Access Tool bar, click on the dropdown and roll down to Excel and click on it.
  2. That’s it!

Here’s the screenshot of the Quick Access Toolbar and the different commands you can choose. There is a limit to how many tools you can add to that toolbar though.

You can also choose to move your QAT (quick access toolbar), to below the ribbon.


how to add an email command to microosft excel

Here’s the video I did if you’re more of a visual person. One thing to keep in mind about using this feature is that you will be emailing the actual file to someone rather than sharing a link.

If you need to collaborate on a document, it would be better to share it with a OneDrive link. That way, both of you can add to it and the changes will be synced. If you have an informational document that is finished and no changes need to be made to it, this is a great way to send it.

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