Create Your Outlook Email Signature

Are you using email signatures effectively? At all? It’s so easy to create your email signature and it makes your email look professional, if you’re a business, or you can be quirky,if it’s personal. How to do this you ask?

For Office 2013 or 2010, start off by clicking the ‘File’ button. You’ll be taken to the ‘back-stage’ view of Outlook. Then click Options>Mail. Look for ‘Signatures’ and click it. It’ll open up to the box below. This is where you can start being creative. Click on the ‘New’ button to get started and first think of a name for your signature. You name your signatures because you’re able to make multiple signatures to fit any situation. The graphic below shows how to insert photos/images/icons and hyperlinks. So it’s easy to provide a link to your social media right from your email signature.

outlook email signature
Image from Microsoft Quick Start Guide

Below is a glance at some of the signature lines I’ve made. I have used quotes for some, I’ve made some for use with specific clients and I’ve made some for replies or other situations. If you have a signature you like, copy and paste it in the box and then edit it and make it your own!

microsoft outlook signature

Multiple email accounts? No problem. You can choose just the right sig line for all of your email accounts. In the image below, the first drop-down is where you select an email address, then select how you want the signature line to look like for both new messages and for replies/forwards. Great granular controls.


That’s it for this week. If you haven’t taken the time, take just 5 minutes and build a couple signatures for your email.


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