CopyTrans – iPod Rescue & Backup


Do you back up your iPod? Ever had a hard drive fail? Most of us know that Apple designed the iPod to sync only one way – from the computer to the iPod. So what happens if your laptop gets stolen, you get a new computer or your hard drive kicks the bucket? You’re not out of luck if you have CopyTrans.

I purchased this program a year ago ($20), to help my nephew restore his iPod, but had never used it myself. I had to reinstall the program as I had a new hard drive and downloaded it again. When I went to activate with my saved code, I found there was a new version. However, I was two days past the free upgrade time period of one year. I wrote to CopyTrans, and they kindly provided me with the upgrade – free! (I could have used the older version though, there are no renewal fees.)

There are great instructions and  downloadable .pdfs on how to backup, transfer or copy music from your iPod to an external hard drive or computer. It will retain your playlists, metadata, ratings, last played, etc.You won lose anything. Of course, it handles any videos, podcasts and movies as well.


I found this program extremely easy to use. The program walks you through the steps to either restore your iPod to a computer or to back up. Choose to read the easy instructions or watch the video. I backed up my entire iPod to an external hard drive and it took only about 12” for 1,500 songs.

If you have pictures on your iPod, but they are missing from your computer, you can purchase CopyTrans Photo to backup or transfer your photos. They also have iLibs to manage multiple libraries on one computer as well as iCloner to make a backup image of your hard drive.

For $20, this is a great insurance policy and time saver if you’re an iPod owner.

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