How To Upgrade WordPress to PHP Version 7

What version of PHP is your WordPress site running? Why does this matter and how do you find out? I’ll show you how to manually upgrade your PHP in this article. Running the latest version of PHP is said to make your site run 2-3x faster, but you should do some testing before upgrading. There could be compatibility issues with your theme or plugins. What …

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How To Plan A WordPress WordCamp

We had the first-ever WordCamp in OKC on July 30th. You can read the nice write-up by Sarah Gooding over at WPTavern. Now that life is pretty much back to normal for me (I was the lead organizer), I thought I’d write up my take on How to plan a WordPress WordCamp. How To Plan A WordPress WordCamp Gauge the interest in your city Meetup …

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OKC WordCamp Masthead

WordPress Wapuu!

This spring and summer have been full of WordPress WordCamp planning activities. As a result, I’ve been neglecting my weekly blog postings for most of the summer now. You can read about the first-ever WordCamp in Oklahoma here at our website. We have an amazing speaker lineup and our organizing team has worked extremely hard getting all the detail work done. I’ve had the lead …

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wapuu WordPress

WordPress WordCamp Website Tools

Oklahoma City is hosting its first-ever OKC WordCamp on July 30th and I am serving as lead organizer, along with a super organizing team! I was listening to WPTavern’s episode 234 with Andrea Middleton on WordCamps and all the WordCamp tools that are available for organizers to use in our WordPress website dashboards.  I thought other WordPress people would be interested, so I did a …

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OKC WordCamp Masthead

Google’s Search Influence – AMP Project

Just finished listening to Social Media Examiner’s podcast about the Google AMP Project (accelerated mobile pages). The guest was Leslie Samuel of Become A Blogger  podcast fame. The Google AMP project was introduced last October. The goal is to speed up web pages loading on mobile devices. We’ve all been on our mobile device and wanted to quickly get to a website, but it took …

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the google amp project and mobile search

A2 Optimized WP Plugin Review

All of us want to increase our website page load speeds. So this week, we’re going to look at the A2 Optimized WP Plugin for WordPress websites. I ran some speed tests before and after installing and configuring this plugin and its worked great for me and on another site I manage. I heard about A2 Optimized WP Plugin on Adam Silver’s Kitchen Sink WP …

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A2 WordPress Web Hosting–Part 2

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my website hosting move from Hostgator to A2 Hosting. Much has happened since then and I’m doing a follow-up blog article about my experiences. The day after my article was published, there was a very polite comment on my blog from Brian Muthig, CEO/Founder of A2. He apologized for my bad experience and wanted to find out the …

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Web Hosts–My Experience With A2 Hosting

Web hosting – if you’re a business or a blogger, you need it. Which company do you choose? Should you move from your present host? All big and important questions. This article is about my brief move (less than 2 weeks) over A2 Hosting. I’ve been with HostGator since 2007. They have several tiers of service and the entry point can be very low (around …

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