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LastPass Account More Secure With Google Authenticator

Merry Christmas! I missed last week as I was under the weather, but now am back. This week we talk about a great add-on for your LastPass account. I wrote about LastPass awhile back and it has been an application that has truly saved my sanity ever since I realized how safe, effective and timesaving it is. It’s been endorsed by the paranoid Security Expert,…

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Who Can You Trust–Security Software & Downloads

The Rant Something I despise is when I go to a site to read up on what I was searching for and get handed a bait-and-switch. In this case, I searched for ‘spyware removal software’. This site came up and before I could get to the subject matter, I was blasted with this misleading ad (in the yellow circle below), asking me to download and…

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Have Secure Wi-Fi Everywhere With Comodo TrustConnect

We’ve all heard the warnings about how insecure public hotspots are. We’ve been cautioned to not even enter in our email passwords as a bad guy could be in range and be using software to capture passwords or any other data being typed in by unsuspecting patrons. Forget about checking your bank balance, paying bills or doing any on-line shopping.   Comodo is a name synonymous…

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Foxit Reader-Advantage over Adobe

After hearing numerous warnings about various security flaws in Adobe’s Reader and the delays in getting the patches out, I decided to make the switch to the light-weight Foxit Reader. I happily removed Adobe Reader from our computers and installed Foxit. I say Foxit is lightweight as it weighs in at under 4MB, while Adobe’s Reader is a hefty 20MB. From Foxit’s website, here are…

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OpenDNS-Faster Surfing, Block Phishing

For August, we’re featuring software to help keep you, your business and our family saver on line. For a useful tip, see the end of the column where we give some resources on where and how to safely dispose of unwanted electronics and other hazardous waste for those of us living in Oklahoma City and Edmond. Tim recently started using Open DNS with his own…

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