Organization and Motivation

5 Important Tips to Make Your Website Appealing

I ‘discovered’ Dustin Hartzler on iTunes earlier this year while I was looking for a WordPress podcast that kept to topic and didn’t waste my time with a lot of chatter. I won’t mention the names of the podcasts I had to delete because of too little content, but I can highly recommend Dustin’s  Your Website Engineer   podcast if you want to learn about WordPress…

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How To Handle Clutter

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I’m not one to do that because I feel that if something needs to change, why wait for a new year – just get going with it!  Perhaps many of you have thought about having a cleaner office or home in 2012. Do you find yourself postponing opening mail or organizing small stacks of paper and then the small…

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5 Ways To Get More Done

Do you have enough time to get your daily tasks accomplished? At the end of the day, do you feel good about what you’ve done or do you feel you were ineffective, spending time looking for information, forgetting an important meeting or wishing you had a system to keep on track and organized? Perhaps the following suggestions will help. These are all things I’ve developed…

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Google Calendar Sync With Outlook & Plaxo

My most popular posts have been about calendar syncing. With so many of us using Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Windows Live and Plaxo and our smart phones, it’s complicated keeping everything in sync among our devices and platforms. New With Google Calendar offline access to gain read-only access to your calendar, just go to any page on your calendar and click the ‘offline’ button at the…

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