Calendar, Address Book and Task Sharing Program

It seems that VAs (virtual assistants) are always on the lookout for a great calendar program to use with their clients. Sometimes our clients are attached to Outlook and don’t want to move to a web-based tool such as Google or Airset. What to do?

I’ve been using, very successfully with a client, a free program called Plaxo. The client needs to be signed up for the service (you don’t have to). Plaxo has some great features that allows you to sync your calendar and contacts from Google, Yahoo, Apple and AOL. If you make a calendar change from within your Yahoo calendar, it will change and sync ALL your calendars without having to push any buttons or connect any cables!

Once your client has signed up, all you’ll need to do is get their login info and then login to their account. From there, you can see their calendar AND you are able to make changes, add appointments, anything you need to do. I downloaded Plaxo and was able to add my client’s calendar as an extra calendar into my Outlook. Next, take a look at contacts–you have the ability to maintain their contact database, add people, groups, etc. Same thing for tasks. You now have the ability to see, edit, or add tasks. Really, the only thing you can’t do is access their in-box.

You can have Plaxo check all your contacts for those in your address book already using Plaxo and get connected with them. This means if your contact changes any information, it’s automatically updated in your address book as well – nifty.

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