Bring Twitter to LinkedIn

Last week, I wrote about getting your Twitter fix on LinkedIn by using the Company Buzz feature to search for topics while in LinkedIn. Wish I would have known then that Twitter and LinkedIn were going to be sharing updates as it would have been all one article – so this will be pretty brief.

It was announced this week that folks using LinkedIn now have the ability to have their LinkedIn updates go to Twitter. I even got a personalized invitation to link my two accounts.


It’s a very simple process. Log into your LinkedIn account and look under ‘Applications’. There you’ll see the Twitter hyperlink. Click and you’ll get to Twitter settings:


Of course, you’ll need your Twitter log in information. After that’s entered in, then you’ll be able to apply further controls as seen in the graphic below. It’s nice to have the flexibility to control who sees the tweets and what kind of tweets you want to share.

Adding your tweets to LinkedIn probably isn’t a good idea if you’re using Twitter for personal purposes instead of business. It’s probably not advantageous to your professional profile to see ridiculous tweets coming through for co-workers and prospective employers to view. A workaround is the ability to use the hash tag #in when you want to have your tweets go to LinkedIn. For me, it’s a good fit since I use both Twitter and LinkedIn for business. Of course, you can post an update either at Twitter or LinkedIn and it will appear in both places.


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