Great e-Bay Deals – Under $1 and Under 1 Hour!

If you have a few minutes, do you like to hit e-Bay to see what great bargains might be waiting for you? Here’s a site put together by a couple of guys living in Germany that gathers and categorizes e-bay auction products priced at $1 and under an hour until auction end. There are categories of products along the side as well as a search…

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Time to reformat your hard drive?

Has your computer been sluggish and you find yourself catching some z’s between pulling apps up on your computer? If you’ve had your computer more than 2-3 years, you may have bloated computer syndrome. This is when your computer becomes weighted down with downloads you thought would be great to have, but then rarely accessed. Who knows what is lurking in the deep recesses of…

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Cool Tools, Helpful Hints and How To’s for Small Businesses and Individuals

Technology…ahhh. Some days it works for and with us. On those days, we feel invincible–bring on another challenge! Then there are the days when technology humbles us. We think we’ll run a quick upgrade of a program only to find out it’s the wrong one, or it’s not compatible…arrgh! I choose to think technology is to be embraced. The purpose of this blog is to…

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