How To Download YouTube Videos To Your Computer

From time to time, I want to download a YouTube video to my computer. In the past I’ve used various ways and tools, but things change over time. I have become more distrustful of apps and software–thinking there could be some spyware or worse on it. Recently, I was asked by my husband if there was a way to download YouTube videos to his computer…

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OneDrive Folder Protection-Now Sync Desktop, My Documents and Pictures

OneDrive goes through continual upgrades and OneDrive folder protection is new in mid-2018. Now anyone with a OneDrive account (not just business accounts), can take advantage of this free service and sync (and protect) your Desktop items, My Documents Folder and Picture folder with a few clicks. How To Start OneDrive Folder Protection Click on your white (for consumer) OneDrive cloud in your system tray…

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Windows Storage Sense

Windows Storage Sense has been around Windows 10 for a while, but we really need to get familiar with it now because it’s been announced that Windows Disk Cleaner is being deprecated and will go away some day (they haven’t said when). Here’s some information from Microsoft on how it will run automatically if you’re low on storage space and how it integrates with OneDrive…

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How to Remotely Fetch Files Using OneDrive

There’s an interesting and useful feature with OneDrive (consumer), that is easy to overlook and that is how to remotely fetch files using OneDrive. You do this by checking the box that is found by right-clicking on the white OneDrive cloud icon. Let’s look at how it works and why it could be useful. Use OneDrive to Fetch Files on this PC Since most of…

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How To Add Guests in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams have become very popular since they added the ability to invite guests to a Team or Group. Working with your co-workers is a breeze, but getting Guest Access ready for Teams takes a bit of doing. This article will show you how to add guests to Microsoft Teams and what you need to do to get Teams Guest access ready. Then we’ll look…

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OneDrive for Business Restore vs. Recycle Features

Microsoft rolled out the anticipated OneDrive For Business Restore feature in January, 2018. It’s described as a self-service recovery feature that allows everyone (admins and end users), the ability to go back and restore file(s) up to 30 days in time. We’re going to look at the Restore feature and compare it to the Recycle Bin feature. OneDrive Restore Feature This feature is in OneDrive…

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Microsoft Account Security and Privacy

Do you think that your Microsoft email account might be compromised and wish you could see if anyone else has signed into it? This article will show you how to check your Microsoft Account Security and Privacy. You can check your email sign-on history, browsing history, all the services you have with Microsoft and much more. Check all this by signing into Just like…

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