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Office 365 Adds Auditing and Storage Upgrades

The Office 365 Team published a blog article on Feb. 16, 2016 about auditing¬† features and storage upgrades just added to Office 365. We’re going to look at the auditing features administrators can get, how our storage limits have increased and a larger size upload for documents.

Here’s a 4 minute video I’ve done that gives a tour of these three areas I’ve detailed below.


Files Up To 10GB Can Be Uploaded to O365

The promised increase in per-file limit uploads has finally happened. Now users can upload files up to 10GB into SharePoint 2013, Groups, OneDrive for Business and Sites. Nice.

O365 Increased Storage Limits

Everyone’s storage limits should already be increased to the 1TB level (unless you’re an Enterprise client, then I believe you have unlimited storage). I checked mine by going to: Admin>SharePoint>Settings. My tenant now has 1TB of storage of which I’ve only used 2.46GB.

o365 upgrades

New Auditing and Investigative Services in O365

The new auditing features are quite an upgrade for admins. Previously, anyone could see who last revised a file or who is currently working on the file (from the web interface).

Now admins can dig much deeper, looking at who may have created a particular group, who shared a document with someone externally, who moved a file from one site to another and so much more.

Below is just a snippet of all the items that can be audited. This article has tutorials on the various O365 searches that can be performed.

You do have to opt-into start auditing, or nothing will happen. After you opt-in, then auditing will start from that point going forward. When you first go to this site, you’ll see where you click – it’s not seen below because I’ve already opted in.

Since menus and options change rapidly from within the Office 365 interface, the fastest way to get to the auditing features are to go to http://protection.office.com. As long as you’re signed in, you should come to a menu like the one below. Then click on Search and Investigation and then audit log search.

O365audit features

The new Office 365 Reporting Center has tools for eDiscovery, governance and so much more. Check it out, opt-in to have Office 365 monitor the behind the scenes goings-on for you and be informed.

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