Add Time Zone Clocks To Your Desktop

Use the built-in Windows System Clock to quickly add 2 additional time zones  to your computer and not take up any screen real 7 icon

Most everyone is familiar with and uses the Windows system clock to check the time – I know I use it rather than look at my watch or the clock. If you work with people or schedule meetings in different time zones, here’s a handy tip to have up to 3 time zones displayed at the hover of your mouse.

Simply right-click your clock in the system tray and select, ‘Adjust Date/Time’. The below box will pop up and select the ‘Additional Clocks’ tab and click the ‘show this clock’ and select up to 2 timezones that you want to monitor.

After you save your settings, you’ll still only see the clock for your time zone, but hover your mouse over the time and the other 2 time zones will pop up along with the date. You won’t have to minimize any windows to see clock gadgets on your desktop. If you need a longer look, click on the system tray clock once and a windows will pop up showing you clocks from your three time zones along with the current month with today’s date highlighted.

system clock timezone graphic

Time Zone Converters/Meeting Planners

Sometimes it’s helpful to pull up a visual ‘map’ of times in different time zones to get a quick look at what time it is in different locations. I like Every Time Zone to do that for me.


Everyone processes information differently, so to find the tool that’s right for you, take a look at this article from Mashable that lists 5 other web tools for keeping track of time zones, or to help you plan meetings across different time zones.

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