Add a Gravatar to your WordPress User Account

Perhaps you’ve added some users to your WordPress blogging team and you want their photo to show up when they write an article. Or maybe you’ve been blogging for awhile and want to add a cool gravatar that will show up on WordPress and other places across the web.

Here are the Steps to add a Gravatar

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in your email (make sure it’s the email account associated with your WordPress site). Click on ‘Get Your Gravatar’.
  3. Wait patiently a few minutes for your authorization & link email that will be sent to you from Gravatar.
  4. choose your password for this site.
  5. Now you need to get a photo – your choices are to choose one from the web, upload, or a previously used image.
  6. Crop your photo to your liking and then follow a few more simple instructions and you’re finished!
    my gravatar all finished

    choose your photo from 1 of 3 places

Your new gravatar should show up on your WordPress site – give it about 30” to get synced up. Now when you go to comment on someone else’s blog, your gravatar will show up – cool.

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