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9 PowerPoint Tips

The second of our 4-part Microsoft Office series is a video for you on what I think are 9 top PowerPoint tips to make you more productive as you work on your presentations.

Most of these are more of a back-stage look at what you can do while presenting as well as adding those special extras to make it stand out from others.

Below are all the tips I cover in the 7-minute video.

9 PowerPoint Tips

9 Top PowerPoint Tips


Link to the PowerPoint Video

 PowerPoint Tips to Repurpose Content

I think the coolest PowerPoint feature is how you can use the ‘save-as’ command and save your entire presentation as an .mp4 (video) document. Now, you can repurpose your content. You give your presentation to a group and later on, you save it as an .mp4 and post it on your website, in social media and with PowerPoint, you can publish on-line! I do explain in the video the steps to do this as you will have to add some transition effects to make it work.

Another way to repurpose your PowerPoint content is to record audio (right from within PowerPoint), to narrate your slides — perhaps giving a mini summary of your talk. What a great tip to share your content.

Some people think PowerPoint is dead, but I really disagree. With the short attention spans of most people, having something to focus on can really help keep the attention on what you’re saying instead of looking at their phones. I mention how to black out the screen when you want to make an emphatic point and want them looking at you. This is another way to keep people focused.

There are so many features in PowerPoint, but these are some I find really useful. If you have something that is useful to you, please leave a comment.

Additional Resources

Microsoft provides extensive, free training resources – here are two:

PDF download a Get Started Guide To PPT 2016

This is another Quick Start Guide – this one you can do all on-line

Give a few of these tips a try. If there’s something you feel is really great, please leave a comment!


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