Office 365 Calendars – How To Create and Share

This week I was going to begin our 3-week video series on the 3 types of Office 365 calendars. That will be delayed for a week or two now. This is because I need to do some more research into the calendars. The creating of the calendars is very easy to do – it’s the sharing, syncing and viewing on mobile and on different platforms that has been challenging.

Exchange/Public Folder for Calendars

I heard about another type of calendar that can be created with Office 365.

There is a Public Folder that can be created and in the folder is the ability to have a shared calendar along with files and email.

So this is yet another way to make and share calendars that I want to explore.

How to Find Public Folders and Public Folder Mailboxes

Exchange admin O365
The Exchange admin center for Office 365

Start in the Admin Area, then look down the left side and you’ll see Exchange is listed under Admin. Click it and you’ll find the Exchange admin center. Look for public folders.

I’ll be adding this to the list of calendar types to explore – hopefully in the near future.

Exchange Menu O365
Exchange Menu Item from O365 Admin
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