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20 WordPress Mistakes To Avoid

Here are 20 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid, but I should really say that here are 20 things TO DO for your WordPress website to be successful.

I did this presentation for the Oklahoma City WordPress June, 2019 meetup. This presentation was taken from the WPBeginner article of the same name. The attribution and url to the article are plainly stated on the first slide and there’s a link in the presentation.

 List of 20 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

See the presentation for more detail on each point. Here are the 20 things!

  1. Not knowing the difference between WordPress .org and .com.add new post setting in backend of WordPress
  2. Not setting up a backup system!
  3. Not setting up Google Analytics.
  4. Not setting up a contact form and starting an email list.
  5. Not choosing the right theme for future growth and needs.
  6. Ignoring WordPress updates.
  7. Not optimizing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  8. Using ‘uncategorized’ as your default category when you blog.
  9. Not using categories and tags properly.
  10. Not selecting the right permalink structure.
  11. Not paying attention to site speed.
  12. Not securing your website.
  13. Changing your URL (the wrong way), and losing search traffic.
  14. Not removing the WordPress demo content (yes, even the demo comment).the word security in the backend of WordPress
  15. Not setting up comment moderation.
  16. Not optimizing images for the web.
  17. Not setting up Google Search Console (related to Google Analytics above).
  18. Leaving a site public while working on it.
  19. Not choosing the right plugins.
  20. Not taking the time to learn WordPress.

Summarizing WordPress Things To Do

The WP Beginner website is a great place for beginners to go to find answers. They do each tutorial both in text and in a video, so whichever way you learn best, it’s there. Check out their YouTube channel too.

I’ve been to many years of the local monthly WordPress meetups here in Oklahoma City and they are full of people coming in who think they can listen to a couple presentations or ask a few questions and be on their way to a successful website. IMHO, there is no substitute for digging in and trying things out. Yes, you’ll make mistakes – sometimes big ones! But it’s the persistence and determination that will make you successful. Take the time to watch videos, read, contact support for your particular theme or plugin problems and keep working.


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