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10 Outlook 2016 How-tos and Tips

I’ve got 10 Outlook 2016 tips for you in this article. These are things that I’ve incorporated into my daily email routine. They save me time and effort.

I’ve got a video that steps you through the actual how-tos as well as an ebook that Microsoft put out with the step-by-step detailed in it, so I won’t be doing a detailed how to here. Just grab the ebook and download it.


Top 10 Outlook Tips — Be More Efficient

  1. How to back up your email
  2. How to attach a file from Outlook (new feature-very nice)
  3. Turn a message into a meeting (big time saver here)
  4. Keyboard shortcuts to switch from email to calendar to contacts to tasks (keep your hands on your keyboard to save time and hand fatigue)
  5. How to delay sending an email (I use this one when composing emails early or late–I like my business emails to go out during business hours)
  6. How to reveal or conceal the BCC box (did you wonder where it went?)
  7. Set your email options to reply to emails with or without original text
  8. How to track opens and delivery receipts (I tell you when this will and won’t work)
  9. How to quickly find a message (life saving tip for me!)
  10. Get your Office 365 sign-in link for the web (make a shortcut for this to get to your email quickly on the web)

More Cool Features of Outlook 2016

Earlier this year, I did this article and video on Outlook 2016/2013 tips. Here’s what I covered if you’d like to take a look:

  • Backstage tour – the backstage is what you see when you click on the ‘File’ tab. This is where you control the look and feel of Outlook.
    • what version/kind of Office am I using
    • change/add a picture for your account
    • change your Office theme
    • add/remove connected services (your OneDrive, DropBox, SharePoint)
  • What’s New in Office
  • Support tool (this is really cool – and it works!)
  • Office Insider Program (if you want to be cutting-edge)
  • Mail — cool things to add
    • add signatures to your emails
    • change your default fonts & colors

Outlook  is a powerful tool and there are so many features that I haven’t used yet. What are some of your favorite features? Please leave a comment.


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